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Re: [Xen-devel] booting xen with lilo?

> Very new to xen but have tried the cd and created nine new doms, started 
> services on them etc. and am really impressed.

Thanks for the success report.

> I'd like to try running off of the hard disk but the instructions use the 
> GRUB loader.  Does anybody have a stanza for LILO?  The files and root are:
>       /boot/xen.gz
>       /boot/xenolinux.gz
>       root=/dev/sda5

I'm afraid LILO doesn't support the "Multiboot standard" which
the Xen image complies to. It turns out not to be a very widely
implemented standard...

We've used GRUB and kexec successfully (the latter required a
patch to kexec).  

It should in principle be possible to package Xen as a standard
Linux-style bzImage, but we haven't implemented this, and it
wouldn't be as flexible[*]. 

Any reason why you can't use GRUB? It takes a bit of getting used
to, but its actually pretty good.


[*] I'm not sure that LILO can deal with multiple modules
(initrd's) so it might not be possible to give domain0 an initrd.

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