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Re: [Xen-devel] xen intro q


Chris Mason wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm taking a quick look at the xen internals, and it looks as though xen
creates a layer that runs directly on the hardware, and this layer is
basically a stripped down and modified  linux i386.

This would mean any fixes for linux and new hardware support need to be
explicitly ported to xen.  Are there plans to instead have a xen
enabling patch for the linux kernel?  This should make it much easier to
maintain xen over time.

A Linux-with-Xen-hardware-abstraction-built-in would be nice because xen would get 10.000.000 new users overnight (eheheh well, at least 100 times more than current users). But this would be a "fat-xen".

Xen developers want a "very-slim-xen" that can become the next-generation-BIOS.

Fat-xen and slim-xen both have pros/cons... That's a very long discussion :)

(I don't even know if it's possible to make this fat-xen...)

Nuno 'today-feeling-like-joining-words' Silva


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