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Re: [Xen-devel] balloon driver

On 23 Oct 2003, at 02:35, Paul Boehm wrote:

how do i use the balloon driver?

./balloon inflate 1000
Unable to inflate balloon, error ffffffea

both in dom0 and in dom1, both have ~100mb in starting size, lots of
unused memory, and i also have at least another 300mb of unused memory.


I've finally had the chance to look into
this error. This error is due to a serious
bug in xen/common/dom_mem_ops.c

I've pushed in the fix and hopefully the
fix will appear in bkbits trees very soon.

Or, if you are in urgent need, just patch
manually by changing the line:
(pf->flags != p->domain)
(pf->flags & PG_domain_mask != p->domain)

-- Bin

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