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[Xen-devel] Memory and Xen

I understand that right now all domains must have their memory backed by
physically un-allocated memory.  Are there any plans to change this in
the future?

I'm thinking there would be a way where you can allocate a domain more
memory than currently available and for any excess it would use the
systems swap space.  A priority could then be set for domains that
should be swapped out first and those that should never be swapped out. 
Another option would be a guaranteed amount of physical memory that
could be set for each domain, if the guarantee is exceeded and the
system is low on memory the excess pages would be swapped out of

I understand the current functionality may be a limit of the method used
and this is not possible, in that case ignore this :)

My reason for thinking of this is in the event that a new domain must be
started up on a server, but there is no un-allocated memory to start
it.  Other domains may have memory allocated, but only actually be using
1/4 of it.  In cases like this it would make sense to let the new domain
"borrow" the memory.  As mentioned above, if the domain who was
previously was not using all of it's memory suddenly does want to use it
there should be a method to swap pages out.

Matt Ayres <matta@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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