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[Xen-devel] Static domain id's?

Has there been any thought into allowing static domain id's?  It looks
like the DOMID variable is there and would be a good way to set it, but
it is ignored.  It looks like everything is set to accept a domain id
except xi_create.  Also, the fact that it auto-increments negates the
idea of the "max domains" option.  If someone sets max domains to a
conservative number such as 10 and then they restart a number of domains
they will quickly be over the domain limit.

If the incrementing domain id's is a feature and not a bug, what is the
preferred method of management?  Ideally i'd like the static id's as I
would assign each domain it's own id, put the id into the database with
all the other information, and from there I can manage it in multiple

Matt Ayres <matta@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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