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Re: [Xen-devel] Changelog, FreeBSD, images, and experiences

> I do have one technical question, has anyone used any other method of
> virtual disks besides the one included (ie. loopback files, LVM) ?
> Pardon me not trying this out first, i'm still building the Xen /
> XenoLinux images on my (slow) test box.

Currently, domain's virtual block devices can be backed by either
real 'raw' disk partitions, or by 'virtual disks' which are
files in a custom file system (not unlike VMware's VMFS).

There's currently no way to intercept block requests and redirect
them to another domain for inspection/execution, but this sort of
thing will obviously have to be considered by the team developing
the generic 'debug' interface. 

One option would be to have Xen turn block requests received on
certain virtual block device interfaces into fake network packets
that are delivered to a privileged domain. We could use the same
format for the packets as e.g. ENBD, and hence just run a
modified ENBD user-space server to do whatever intervention we

For most domains, I current use NFS to a server in domain0.


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