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Re: [Xen-devel] Changelog, FreeBSD, images, and experiences

> Hello,
> I'm looking at running Xen and have a few non-technical questions :)
> 1)  Is there a ChangeLog anywhere?  I did not find one on the website. I
> suspect it may be in BitKeeper, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

There's effectively a changelog on the xen.bkbits.net web site,
but I suspect it's too fine grained to be useful to anyone but
the developers. Whenever we add significant new functionality
(which seems to be happening at least once a week at the moment!)
something gets posted to xen-devel. However, I suspect having an
'executive summary' changelog would be very useful for real

> 2) Is there any status /  website / mailing list for the FreeBSD port?

Currently, there's only one intrepid volunteer (hi Kip!) working
on it, so there hasn't been need for a specific mailing list. 

> 3) I'm looking for user experiences with running virtual servers on
> different hardware.   Does anyone wish to share their experiences with
> how many virtual servers they've been able to load on servers and the
> specs and workload?  How well they performed would be nice too.

How long is a piece of string ;-)

It's so dependent on all the guest's workload and the performance
of the particular machine. For some applications e.g. honeypots,
running hundreds of domains might be appropriate, for others,
just a couple per CPU. The worst case overhead we've ever seen
running applications each in their own guest vs. running them
under the same OS is just a few percent. Some times you actually
go faster because of no buffer cache interference etc.


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