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Re: [Xen-devel] Setting up a more complex system scenario

> I'm looking to set up a virtual domain that boots ro from the same
> partitions as domain0, then I'll add rw access to a partition for its
> own purposes.  Later, I'll add NFS for /home and other stuff.
> The easiest way, it seems, is to modify these 3 files for each domain
> and boot from the same / as domain0:
>       /etc/fstab
>       /etc/xenctl.xml
>       /etc/xen-mynewdom  (or whatever I want to call it...)

Hmm, I'm not quite sure what you're planning here, but it doesn't
sound right.

I wouldn't recommend sharing a common /. If you want to save
space, have a common /usr and links from / into /usr/root/xxx for /lib
/bin and /sbin. You'll want to have separate /etc /tmp and /var
directories and these easiest way is with separate roots.

/etc/fstab will need to be tailored accordingly in each root,
unless you're using virtual disks in which case you can arrange
for every virtual disk to appear as e.g. /dev/xvda

/etc/xenctl.xml and xen-mynewdom is only used by domain 0 -- you
don't need these in any other domain.

I'd be inclined to make seperate xen-mynewdomX scripts for all
your new domains and use a common xenctl-xml (for avoidance of
doubt, all in the same directory). This will enable you to
have precise control over which IP addresses go with which root
file systems etc (by default xenctl will assign them sequentially).

> Here's xen-mynewdom:
> domain new -hgrid-14.arsc.edu -ixenolinux.gz -dsda1 -t"ro
> root=/dev/sda2 DOMID=\14"

You'll need a full path to the xenolinux.gz image.
I expect you'll also want to set the IP address with "-4" to
override any defaults if present in /etc/xenctl.xml

> physical grant -phdc -r
> physical grant -sda2 -r
> physical grant -sda1 -r

You're not mounting any of these partitions rw.

Are you still intending on using the CD as /usr?  I'd certainly
recommend against doing this -- the machine will be much more
responsive with the file system properly installed. 


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