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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen + other stuff?

> Just to clarify: Do you mean that domain0 can never swap, also?  Or,
> are only the virtual domains unable to swap?  My system seems to
> *think* that domain0 can swap, using the partitions specified in
> /etc/fstab:
> $ cat /proc/swaps
> Filename                        Type            Size    Used    Priority
> /dev/sda3                       partition       1855496 1764    42
> /dev/sdb2                       partition       1855496 1768    42
> The virtual domains do not have any swap devices allocated.

All domains, including domain 0, can swap.

Your distinction between domain 0 and virtual domains is bogus. Domain
0 is no less 'virtual' than any other domain. All domains execute over
Xen using the same execution interface. The difference is that Domain
0 gets acess to an extra control interface allowing it to access
arbitrary memory, create new domain, and so on.

I'm not sure where the confusion crept in --- one possibility is that
you're aware of the VMware ESX server architecture. In that instance
the controlling 'console OS' executes directly on the hardware, in
contrast with the virtual guest OSes. This is very different from the
Xen & domain-0 architceture.

 -- Keir

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