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[Xen-devel] Strange proc fs problem

How to reproduce: 
 - run top and change refresh delay to 0.1
 - top reports self cpu usage as 0.0%
 - run some other intensive task when top is running
 - its cpu usage is correctly display
 - run second instance of top with delay 0.1
 - both tops show 0.0% cpu usage for both

This is obviously wrong, and I can't reproduce it on vanilla kernel. However, 
there is one very interesting story. One of my projects is a binary proc 
interface patch for vanilla kernel. It is still under development (well I 
have some bugs in it which need some time to be found) but that's not what is 

Interesting is that with that patch, I have the same problem with top as 
observed with XenoLinux.

As I don't think mine and your project are very similiar :), this is a 
potentialy very interesting problem. I will investigate my part when my job 
duties allow me, but in the mean time I wanted to report this strange issue 
to you.

Best regards,
Tvrtko A. Ursulin
Croadria Internet usluge <http://www.croadria.com>
- Web hosting (Linux & Windows), E-commerce
Podrska: <http://podrska.croadria.com>
Tel: 01/4657 818, 01/4655 601     Fax: 01/4657 819

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