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[Xen-devel] Advanced questions

Hello all,

As I have reported earlier, everything works for me now!

Therefore :), it is time for some more advanced questions:

Is it possible to have more IP addresses per virtual domain?
Can a virtual domain reconfigure it's IP address?

What kind of CPU time control is possible (or planned)? To be more precise, 
how can one stop one domain to hog the cpu? (some kind of minimum guaranteded 
CPU time setting?) Is there a description for xi_sched* helpers?

What happens if user inside virtual domain issues a reboot? (nothing eg. stuck 
- if my testing is correct). IMHO, it would be good if user could reboot.

If I understand the documentation correctly, the memory size given with 
xi_create is minimum guaranteed? Guest can grow beyond that, and under that 
limit? There is a mention about absolute maximum limit. How is this set?

Many thanks for all the help!

Best regards,
Tvrtko A. Ursulin
Croadria Internet usluge <http://www.croadria.com>
- Web hosting (Linux & Windows), E-commerce
Podrska: <http://podrska.croadria.com>
Tel: 01/4657 818, 01/4655 601     Fax: 01/4657 819

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