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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems with starting first virtual domain

> On 11 Nov 2003, at 11:51, Tvrtko A. Ur?ulin wrote:
> > linux:~ # cat /etc/xen-domain1
> > domain new
> > physical grant -phda6
> > physical grant -phda5
> > domain start
> Delete the two lines containing "physical".
> You just need:
> domain new
> domain start

Tvrtko is using hda6 as root and hda5 as swap so he'll need the
two physical grant lines in his script file.
> > <args>init=/linuxrc 4 DOMID=+</args>
> Try deleting this line.

I believe Tvrtko is using a file system based on the contents of
the CD. Assuming he untar'ed root.tar.gz and then copied the
contents of the CD into the usr partition, then setting
init=/linuxrc will indeed break things. 

> Make sure xen_read_console is running background:
> # xen_nat_enable
> # xen_read_console &
> # ps aux | grep xen

The domain may be exiting quickly because it can't find the
"init" command.  It should be sending stuff to xen_read_console
(and the serial line if you have one configured).

If you're not getting output from xen_read_console, check that
you have the eth0:0 alias, and that you've got no firewall rules
in domain 0 that block the ports used by the console packets.


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