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Re: [Xen-devel] Setting up a more complex system scenario

On 10 Nov 2003, at 23:30, Gregory Newby wrote:

3) Code a xenctl startup script for each IP-based domain to insure
each one is booted properly.  For example, "grid-11" should always go
to the same IP address, not a different one if, for example, one of
the other domains fails to start or is accidentally started twice.

For illustration purposes, grid-11.arsc.edu =
The main system, peabody.arsc.edu =

In /etc/xenctl.xml, if you write


would automatically assign IP addresses to newly created domains
based on their domain ID.

e.g. domain N has IP address 137.229.71.N.

However, your Domain 0 IP address conflicts with
the automatic assigned IP address for domain 6. You have to
work around that.

In a typical '/etc/xen-mynewdom', you have:

domain new
domain start

A useful feature of this script is that: each time you run
'xenctl script -f/etc/xen-mynewdom', it creates and starts
a new domain with an 'always-increasing' domain id, i.e.
you run 'xenctl' for the Nth time, it creates a domain with
domain id 'N', even if some previous domains (with domain
id < N) have been destroyed.

Hope this information helps.


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