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[Xen-devel] Problems with starting first virtual domain

Hello everybody,

After installing an e100 NIC, my system now boots fine. However, I am unable 
to start the first virtual domain. Here comes the relevant output:

/dev/hda6 is indeed a valid root filesystem, while /dev/hda5 is a swap 
partition. Both are dedicated for the new domain.

linux:~ # xenctl script -f/etc/xen-domain0
Domain defaults:
   name            XenoLinux
   size            65536
   vifs            1
   domainImage     /boot/xenolinux.gz
   domainInitRD    null
   rootDevice      /dev/hda6
   rootArgs        rw
   usrDevice       null
   MaxDomainNumber 10
   NWNFSServer     null
   NWNFSRoot       null
   XIToolsDir      /usr/local/bin/
   args            init=/linuxrc 4 DOMID=+
Domain created with arguments:
/usr/local/bin/xi_create 65536 XenoLinux
Domain built with arguments:
/usr/local/bin/xi_build 9 /tmp/xen-image-63036.tmp 1 
ip= init=/linuxrc 4 
DOMID=9  root=/dev/hda6 rw
VIF 0 initialized with arguments:
/usr/local/bin/xi_vifinit 9 0
Granted physical access to domain 9
warning: state file not found [/var/lib/xen/vdstate.xml]
Partition /dev/hda6 (resolved to /dev/hda6) does not exist.

linux:~ # xenctl domain list
id: 0 (Domain-0)
  processor: 0
  has cpu: true
  state: 0 running
  mcu advance: 10
  total pages: 16384
id: 9 (XenoLinux)
  processor: 0
  has cpu: false
  state: 8 suspended
  mcu advance: 10
  total pages: 16384

linux:~ # cat /etc/xen-domain0
domain new
physical grant -p/dev/hda6
physical grant -p/dev/hda5
domain start

linux:~ # cat /etc/xenctl.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<args>init=/linuxrc 4 DOMID=+</args>

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