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[Xen-devel] Suspend/resume of guest OSes

The unstable tree now contains support for dynamic suspend and resume
of guest OS instances.

Here's how it can currently be used (it's not currently hooked up to
higher-level user tools such as xenctl):

 tools/internal/xi_save_linux <domain number> <state file to write>
...this will stop the given domain, save its state, and resume
execution of the domain.

 tools/internal/xi_restore_linux <state file>
...this will create a new domain, filling it with the state saved in
<state file>. The created domain identifier will be printed to
stdout. The domain must then be resumed with 'xi_start <domain id>'.

Note that only CPU state is saved and restored --- there is currently
no support for saving and restoring IP address information, or
block-device access permissions. It is planned that this will be
implemented by higher-level tools in the near future. For now, you
will need to use tools such as 'xi_vifinit' to specify this
information for a restored guest OS (just as you do if you build a
guest using 'xi_build' instead of using 'xenctl').

 -- Keir

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