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Re: [Xen-users] IPV4 is nearly depleted, are you ready for IPV6?

Felix Kuperjans wrote:

Well I think many IPv6 issues already have been fixed - the biggest problem is, that too few servers are supporting it... just imagine private customers being forced to use IPv6 only right now... They would be blocked out of most parts of the Internet. I would not like a solution that keeps us on IPv4 forever, because many problems of IPv4 or unofficial extensions are now solved / fully integrated into IPv6 - the protocol is cleaner and (without any filtering) more secure than IPv4.

I think it will come - eventually. The problem we have at the moment is that some many key players, specifically large consumer ISPs, just aren't supporting it. So we are still at the chicken or egg situation. The majority of consumers can't use it because there isn't "plug and pray" support from either their ISP or the budget router vendor. We can't expect the masses to get down and dirty to setup 6in4 tunnels to IPv6 brokers in order to get access to something that for most of them doesn't offer anything compelling.

At the same time, the large ISPs and consumer router manufacturers see no demand and thus don't want to spend the money on something that "no-one wants".

And a big part of the problem is NAT. Too many people think that NAT is a) a good idea, and b) a solution. It's 'solved' the IPv4 address shortage problem in so many eyes, and for so long, that it's taken away a lot of the impetus to get IPv6 widely deployed.

The answer I had from my ISP last time I asked was that they had no plans and it would be a hugely expensive project. Well duh, it will be if you don't start now. Getting the core network IPv6 enabled would be a good start - and then start making NEW stuff IPv6 enabled would be a good second step. Done that way, the cost and risk could be both reduced and spread - and one day people would suddenly realise that IPv6 is here !

At which point I remember I still haven't done anything about using my end of a 6in4 tunnel from HE :-/

Simon Hobson

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