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Strange Cases & Quick guide to movies by topic @ informexp.com (about 10

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Subject: Strange Cases & Quick guide to movies by topic @ informexp.com (about 100 topics!)
From: TJ Watt <watttj@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 18:40:13 -0700 (PDT)
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http://www.informexp.com/  more med/legal & hacker flicks, please.  The Tony
Ciampi lawsuit is also interesting against the PAPD; Laney College corruption case (Tampered witness?); Student molesting other student as an art project  (sfweekly story about 10 years ago?); Number of students with loans forced to go to school rather than pay back student loans and persons who would be rich if they continued on with industry or Microsoft rather than continue with school; academia may bring counter charges if a person alleges fraud;  PA High school 70% truancy rate and high suspension rate in SF; Unsolved Mystery story of the Vancouver nurse who was found dead hogtied about 20 years ago (I suspect Hong Kong MD's involved partly due to possible buy in when China took over Hong Kong and personal conversations and possible intimidation by a Chinese government worker and/or educator); Person by the name of Pat from Arkansas alleges she was sterilized against her will and was fired from UCSF for not testifying may be found at Menlo Park Library or sleeping in front of RC Phone Co. or at some free meals in the area  has many stories about corruption in government (claims MD with southern accent with the last name of Gore used to talk to her); Alleged ritual Human Sacrifice cult that may be motivated about stolen Operating system code (perhaps from state of CA and ATT); Theft in Retail in SF (sfweekly story about 10 years ago; perhaps signing to pay back ten times the amount stolen rather than face criminal charges, and I was told that many in high end retail have drug habits; Metro article about 10 years ago about how most new housing is substandard and this story was sparked  by condo problem (leakage?); INCREASED DRUG SAMPLES FOUND IN SEWAGE AND GENERALLY PROBLEMS WITH SEWERS (GRANADES, ETC. FOUND IN THEM); MED & SS AS A MEANS TO BRING MONEY INTO THE STATE AND COUNTY IN A DOWN ECONOMY (FRAUD?); high death rate with bus drivers with long commute off the job who are willing to sue over bad road design rather than lost time from work; bridge workers who hang from wires with drug habits, deviant behavior, psych histories; lightning striking ocean may cause water to turn into oxygen and hydrogen so hole in ozone and/or global warming may not be possible; be partly because carbon dioxide may be released when ocean heats; global cooling may be the problem perhaps motivate as a conspiracy to get new products mandated perhaps for patent protection or expiration Nazi past of some drug companies may suggest crypto-Nazi conspiracy in the drug industry (also, why do some drug resemble toxins found in nature and cause cancer? Bioengineered cancer test may cause cancer, as perhaps is the case with all bioengineered products); Ben Weingart possible conspiracy to steal his property involving judges, doctors, the DA, and the Good Sam hospital (I understand they use one of his former hotels on their block after his death). The officer Rothmiller case where Bayan Lewis' divorce records may hint that he shot at him and the bomb squad member who was bombed may have faked ballistic evidence in a frameup by IA; LT. (Rich) Morton from Rampart division Homicide had a meat slaughter biz and officer Fox may have been extorted by him in Ben Weingart case and he may murder.  Presidio past of Chief Bayan Lewis' may suggest Treasure Island training death was a setup; location of Urich Oil  co (investigation with FBI was obstructed and Chief Davis may have been a triple agent if you look at Rothmiller's litigation, etc) in Bayan Lewis' past schooling and present location in NV may suggest Bayan Lewis' has some interesting issues. Joel Wallach, ND, DVM conclusion about minerals curing most chronic medical conditions and corruption in the medical industry and the rate of addiction in it.


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