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RE: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger

To: "Roger Cruz" <roger.cruz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Dan Magenheimer" <dan.magenheimer@xxxxxxxxxx>, "Tim Deegan" <Tim.Deegan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger
From: "Roger Cruz" <roger.cruz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 09:19:42 -0500
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Thread-topic: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger

Hi Dan,


I tried both of your suggestions here and I am still seeing a hang.  The only clue that I have to go on now is why the print statements that I have placed in the nmi tick handler do not continue to come at a regular 1 second interval.   My expectation is that they come at a regular rate and it seems like upon boot, it does up to the 39th second.  See the output below where curr_sum comes from the nmi_timer_ticks variable.  After the 39th tick, the messages are printed at different intervals… anywhere between 2-20 seconds.  Does Xen adjust the NMI interval rate?  I know that the NMIs are programmed based on the CPU cycles, so what I did was disabled SpeedStep to make sure that the processor speed is not adjusted and the symptoms are still identical.


Any other ideas?



Roger R. Cruz


void nmi_watchdog_tick(struct cpu_user_regs * regs)
    unsigned int sum = this_cpu(nmi_timer_ticks);


HEDLEY-T500 login: (XEN) [23:29:04] 17213**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=25, curr_sum=27, hz=10, nmis=36
(XEN) [23:29:05] 17298**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=27, curr_sum=28, hz=10, nmis=37
(XEN) [23:29:06] 17383**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=28, curr_sum=29, hz=10, nmis=38
(XEN) [23:29:06] 17468mm.c:806:d0 Error getting mfn 100 (pfn 3ff0) from L1 entry 8000000000100625 for l1e_owner=0, pg_owner=32753
(XEN) [23:29:07] 17598**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=29, curr_sum=29, hz=10, nmis=39
(XEN) [23:29:08] 17683**** CPU0, counter=1, last_sum=29, curr_sum=30, hz=10, nmis=40
(XEN) [23:29:08] 17768**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=30, curr_sum=31, hz=10, nmis=41
(XEN) [23:29:09] 17853**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=31, curr_sum=32, hz=10, nmis=42
mapping kernel into physical memory
about to get started...
(XEN) [23:29:10] 17938**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=32, curr_sum=32, hz=10, nmis=43
(XEN) [23:29:10] 18023**** CPU0, counter=1, last_sum=32, curr_sum=33, hz=10, nmis=44
(XEN) [23:29:11] 18108**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=33, curr_sum=34, hz=10, nmis=45
(XEN) [23:29:12] 18193**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=34, curr_sum=34, hz=10, nmis=46
(XEN) [23:29:13] 18278**** CPU0, counter=1, last_sum=34, curr_sum=35, hz=10, nmis=47
(XEN) [23:29:13] 18363**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=35, curr_sum=36, hz=10, nmis=48
(XEN) [23:29:15] 18448**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=36, curr_sum=38, hz=10, nmis=49
(XEN) [23:29:16] 18533**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=38, curr_sum=39, hz=10, nmis=50
(XEN) [23:29:18] 18618**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=39, curr_sum=41, hz=10, nmis=51
(XEN) [23:29:21] 18703**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=41, curr_sum=43, hz=10, nmis=52
(XEN) [23:29:27] 18788**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=43, curr_sum=49, hz=10, nmis=53
(XEN) [23:29:34] 18873**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=49, curr_sum=56, hz=10, nmis=54
(XEN) [23:29:39] 18958**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=56, curr_sum=61, hz=10, nmis=55
(XEN) [23:29:43] 19043**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=61, curr_sum=66, hz=10, nmis=56
(XEN) [23:29:47] 19128**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=66, curr_sum=69, hz=10, nmis=57
(XEN) [23:29:50] 19213**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=69, curr_sum=73, hz=10, nmis=58
(XEN) [23:29:54] 19298**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=73, curr_sum=77, hz=10, nmis=59
(XEN) [23:29:58] 19383**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=77, curr_sum=80, hz=10, nmis=60
(XEN) [23:30:01] 19468**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=80, curr_sum=83, hz=10, nmis=61
(XEN) [23:30:04] 19553**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=83, curr_sum=87, hz=10, nmis=62
(XEN) [23:30:08] 19638**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=87, curr_sum=91, hz=10, nmis=63
(XEN) [23:30:11] 19723**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=91, curr_sum=94, hz=10, nmis=64
(XEN) [23:30:13] 19808**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=94, curr_sum=96, hz=10, nmis=65
(XEN) [23:30:16] 19893**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=96, curr_sum=99, hz=10, nmis=66
(XEN) [23:30:19] 19978**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=99, curr_sum=102, hz=10, nmis=67
(XEN) [23:30:22] 20064**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=102, curr_sum=105, hz=10, nmis=68
(XEN) [23:30:25] 20151**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=105, curr_sum=108, hz=10, nmis=69
(XEN) [23:30:28] 20238**** CPU0, counter=0, last_sum=108, curr_sum=111, hz=10, nmis=70


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Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 11:55 AM
To: Dan Magenheimer; Tim Deegan
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Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger


Hi Dan,

I am using 3.4.2 where we have made very minor modifications (some backports, for example).

I have not tried your suggestions.. so I will do that next.. thanks!


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From: Dan Magenheimer [mailto:dan.magenheimer@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tue 9/14/2010 11:19 AM
To: Roger Cruz; Tim Deegan
Cc: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger

A couple of thoughts:

Have you tried max_cstate=0 (as a Xen boot option)?

Also, you didn't say what version of Xen you are using but playing around with hpet_broadcast (enabling it or force-disabling it as below) might be worth a try.


From: Roger Cruz [mailto:roger.cruz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 8:56 AM
To: Tim Deegan
Cc: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger

Hi Tim,  good to hear from you again

I had a pretty good inkling that one of you hardcore developers would say that :-)  Yes, it is pretty well wedged.  I can cause the problem more rapidly by dropping to a single CPU.  When the hang happens, the Xen console is completely dead.  None of the special keys work.

I do have hopes a BIOS upgrade could fix this as a last resort but I want to see if at least I can understand the problem.  We have a few different machines that are exhibiting similar symptoms so I have to see if I can find a work-around without requiring every user to upgrade their BIOS :-(

Just in case, what debugger have you been using?  Are there recent instructions on how to set it up that you can point me to?


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From: Tim Deegan [mailto:Tim.Deegan@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tue 9/14/2010 10:30 AM
To: Roger Cruz
Cc: xen-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Xen-devel] State of current Xen debugger


At 15:22 +0100 on 14 Sep (1284477779), Roger Cruz wrote:
> I am trying to debug a problem where the hypervisor is hanging hard.
> Not even the NMI watchdog is triggering a reboot.  So I wanted to hook
> up a debugger.

Sorry to bring a counsel of despair but if the NMI watchdog isn't
working then your chances of getting a working debugger are slim.  It's
likely that at least one CPU is very very stuck.  Does the 'd' debug key
work on the serial line when the machine is wedged?

On a more cheerful note, I've twice seen hard hangs like this that
turned out to be hardware issues, fixable with BIOS upgrades.



> What is the state of the current debuggers out there?
> Any input on how I should set it up (kdb, gdb, etc) and pointers to a
> good wiki page are much appreciated.  I did perform a Google search
> and found some links but I want to hear from the current developers as
> to what is most stable and useful for debugging this type of hard
> hang.  I only have a serial port PCI-express card to use as the laptop
> has no built in port.

Tim Deegan <Tim.Deegan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Principal Software Engineer, XenServer Engineering
Citrix Systems UK Ltd.  (Company #02937203, SL9 0BG)

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