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Re: [Xen-users] help over ssh ?

Mustafa Abbasi wrote:

    On 12/17/05, *Anthony Liguori* <aliguori@xxxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:aliguori@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:Looking back at your older
    posts, are you following that "Perfect Xen"
    tutorial?  That's caused more people problems...  That tutorial is
    specifically for 2.0 and if you follow it exactly, but you'll quickly
    run into problems if you deviate from it.

    With 3.0, you really don't want to patch your own kernel.  It's
    difficult and honestly really not necessary (the only real usecase
    is if
    you need a specific feature in which case it's probably easier to
    the kernel xen uses for that feature than vice versa).

    Many Xen developers use Breezy so it's definitely not a distro
    Just d/l 3.0.0, extract, do a make and a make install, and you
    should be
    running very quickly.  If you have any problems, post your grub entry
    because this is really the only thing that you have to do manually so
it's the most likely place to make a mistake.

well i think my problem is more..how to put it exotic.
also no i have not followed the perfect xen setup. i will detail my steps please tell me if i do anything wrong. this is what i did for my last setup (i do a clean install before each xen install). in this i did not bother to customise the kernel. basically i checked if it will work with standard options. 1. i installed the dev files listed in the perfect setup as well as any i found in the user manual. i also install latex and transfig (already installed)
the file names are a bit botched in the steps. sorry
2. mkdir xen
3. cd xen
4 tar -xvzf ../xen-3-source(file)
5 cp ../linux 2.6.12.tar xen-3-testing/
6 cd xen-3.testing
7 make CC=gcc-3.4 world
8 sudo make CC=gcc-3.4 install

gcc4 will work just fine.

9 sudo ./install.sh

make install is sufficient

10 add the following lines to rub menu.lst

title Xen 2.0.7 / XenLinux
    root        (hd0,4)
    kernel        /boot/xen.gz dom0_mem=130000

It's probably better to not specify the dom0_mem explicitly. This may solve your problem actually (it's possible you're getting hit with the OOM killer--I know I need at least 256 with my Breezy dom0).

    module        /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.12-xen0 root=/dev/hda5 ro console=tty0

You don't need to explicitly specify console=tty0.

11 sudo grub-install hd0
12. boot the comp using the above grub entry.
13. it boots fine. does all the steps like network config and hotplug, hp linux printing etc. then after this when normal linux boot gives me a gdm login screen xen boot gives me nothing. just a blank screen and i can't even change run-levels.

Do you happen to have an nVidia card? If so, make sure you're using the open source driver.

i have no idea what i am doing wrong. thats why instead of bitching about xen i thought up a perfectly good solution so that ppl more skilled at this (not to mention far better with computer in general) can help.

While slightly more difficult, it helps to work through these things on the mailing list as it helps other people learn how to trouble shoot these problems making more people able to help out. Hopefully that snowballs into a large set of people Xen experts which helps everyone :-)


Anthony Liguori

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